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Development history and market demand of Flexo Printing Machine
Date:2018-11-02 Views:35
With the development of the times, the design and manufacture of Flexo Printing Machine has become a major breakthrough in the printing industry. Flexo Printing Machine promotes the printing industry to enter the era of rapid development.

Previous printing industry production process will more or less produce some pollution, due to the production of raw materials, the quality of printed products is not very satisfactory. Flexographic presses solve these problems very simply. The birth of Flexo Printing Machine has promoted the printing industry into a new era.

In the new century, with the improvement of people's living standards, various kinds of products and entertainment methods are constantly emerging, and the demand for printing has also changed. Printing used to be limited to books and newspapers. Nowadays, more and more paper bags and food bags need certain printing technology to support.

Over 30 years ago, lithographic offset printing and gravure printing accounted for 80% of the total market share and dominated the printing industry. By 2000, the market share of lithographic offset printing and gravure printing had dropped to 65%, and this year it had dropped to 50%. Because of the remarkable improvement of the comprehensive performance of satellite Flexo Printing Machine in terms of printing quality, printing cost and environmental protection, its market continues to expand and has been in a rapid rising stage. Especially in recent years, the development is particularly prominent, which has a huge impact on offset lithography and gravure printing.

The relationship between Flexo Printing Machine and packaging is inseparable.

Printing and packaging are inseparable. The relationship between soft package industry and packaging industry is dominant. The overall situation of printing industry has an impact on the development of the same packaging industry. Today, it is a fast, dilapidated, soft and flexible printing and packaging industry. In the current market environment, the entry barriers of the soft packaging industry are getting higher and higher, affecting the focus of the development of soft packaging enterprises or flexible packaging and printing equipment. Flexible printing equipment has gradually replaced the mechanical shaft gravure printing, flexographic printing applications will be developed in China for a long time. Flexographic printing is a relatively environmentally friendly way. With the popularization of mature technology and environmental protection concepts, the future development of Flexographic printing in the soft bag industry will be invaluable. Flexographic printing will be the main printing mode in the flexible packaging industry. So where is the real value of flexographic packages? High resolution flexographic printing uses flexible photosensitive resins to improve the transfer of rescue ink to the substrate. In recent years, flexographic printing has made breakthroughs in printing quality, and has become a major competitor in gravure printing. A series of technological advances, including press performance, screen roller, plate, dot shape and ink system, lay the foundation for the implementation of a new generation of high resolution flexo printing technology. High-resolution flexography includes the advantages of Fuller, better ink transfer, softer highlight transition, better image quality, and can achieve more than 150 LPI network cable reproduction capacity.

Flexographic printing machine, using flexible version, transfers ink printing through screen printing ink roller. Commonly used metal plates are from 1 to 5 millimeter versions of photosensitive resins. Because flexographic ink meets green environmental protection, it has been widely used in food packaging and printing, and has broad prospects.