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Benefits of using satellite Flexo Printing Machine
Date:2018-12-01 Views:24
There are many advantages of using satellite Flexo Printing Machine, because the use of satellite Flexo Printing Machine can obtain the height that other printing equipment can not reach, whether in terms of performance, efficiency, quality or function.

At present, China's daily packaging market demand shows a growing trend, while the growth of soft packaging, label carton printing and other fields. If enterprises want to enter the hot packaging and printing market, it is essential to have a sharp weapon. And satellite Flexo Printing Machine can be said to be the omnipotent players in these printing markets.

In carton pre-printing, the pre-printing carton printed by wide satellite Flexo Printing Machine has the advantages of accurate overprinting, small color difference, brilliant color and rich layers.

Because the printing pressure of satellite Flexo Printing Machine is uniform and slight, it can be said that it is not affected by the corrugated cardboard. Therefore, the quality of satellite Flexo Printing Machine can be guaranteed whether it is printed on the spot, line or text.

In addition, in soft packaging, the use of flexible macromolecule resin plate in the printing process of satellite flexographic printing machine shortens the printing period and ensures the quality of printing products. And as the most commonly used printing equipment, satellite Flexo Printing Machine generally uses more environmentally friendly water-based ink to print various products, which has increased the consumer's love.

Finally, the greatest advantage of using satellite Flexo Printing Machine is that the application of computer technology in satellite flexographic press has greatly improved the printing quality and production efficiency of equipment, and automated positioning, tension control, screen display quality tracking and feedback, which saves time and time. Reducing the difficulty of operation can be said to bring unlimited development prospects for enterprises.

Flexo Printing Machine are characterized by high alignment accuracy, stable mechanical function, strong substrate adaptability, simple operation, economy and durability, easy maintenance, strong mechanical stability, long service life, etc. Flexo Printing Machine attachment processing ability is strong, it can achieve printing, flexographic printing, gravure printing, screen printing, die cutting, indentation, punching, folding, waste discharge, flat sheet (sheet paper) (broken high paper), cutting, bronzing, lamination, adhesive tape printing and composite process; it uses environmentally friendly water-based ink to achieve environmental protection. Printing; Unified ink, printing quality is good, using short screen roller to transfer ink and ink road transportation ink system, not only lost the simplified structure of the ink system, but also can achieve quantitative control of film thickness, high production efficiency, can be equipped with uninterrupted double handles, printing speed can reach 240 meters per minute. Servo control alignment function realizes fault location, improves production efficiency and reduces waste of printing materials caused by calibration and debugging. Flexographic printing presses have obvious advantages, therefore, flexographic printing has broad prospects.