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Technical Advantages of Flexo Printing
Date:2018-12-04 Views:37
Flexo Printing Machine has many unique advantages, in recent years, it has been developed rapidly in all countries in the world. With the birth and development of various new technologies, new materials and new equipment, flexo printing has been applied more and more widely. Especially in the field of packaging shows unique advantages.

Flexo Printing Machine has unique advantages in environmental protection and low cost. With people's attention to environmental protection, the continuous improvement of flexography technology and the growth of new market demand, especially due to the efforts of people engaged in flexographic printing, flexographic products have been further improved, making the application of flexographic printing rapidly expanded.

Packaging application
Due to the unique technical characteristics of Flexo Printing Machine, it has been applied most successfully in various packaging markets. From the point of view of the application trend at home and abroad, it mainly includes the following aspects:

Label printing
Label printing is the fastest growing area of flexible printing. The growth of label printing mainly comes from pressure sensitive labels, which are rapidly replacing die-cutting stacking, direct printing and other technologies. In the field of consumer goods printing, the shift from pressure sensitivity to in-die labeling and thermal shrinkage will promote offset printing, embossing and screen printing to flexo printing, thus promoting the development of the flexo printing industry as a whole. When the pressure sensitive trademark turns to the in-die trademark, the printing process also turns to UV or water-based flexo printing accordingly.

Soft package
About 20% to 30% of consumer goods in the U.S. market are in the form of flexible packaging. According to the survey, flexo printing accounted for 75% of the soft packaging market of film materials in the United States in 1996 and 85% in 2000. Flexographic printing has become the first choice of flexible packaging in the printing industry of the United States. As flexographic printing is the mainstream in North America's soft packaging industry, the growth in this area means the growth of flexographic printing.
At present, roof bags are widely used in domestic market, including liquid soft drinks, dried foods, etc. Especially dairy products and juice drinks are in great demand, and the packaging requirements are also high: they meet the requirements of environmental protection, pollution-free and recyclable. As a kind of liquid milk packaging, roof bags have increased rapidly in recent years, with an average annual growth of 30% since 1994. It will grow at a higher rate in the future, and it is expected to reach 13.5 million tons in 2005.

High-grade packaging
The perfection and development of flexo printing technology and matching technology, such as direct plate making, high-precision screen roller, servo motor drive technology, have made flexo printing machines with integrated cost-benefit advantages in the high-end market such as tiger wings, plus flexo printing production mode with the improvement of printing quality, enhanced environmental protection function, stop. Machine time is shortened, various printing and processing processes are integrated, and increasingly accepted by printing enterprises. Leading the development trend of the industry.
Its water-based ink is the only non-toxic ink approved by the American Drug and Food Association.
Flexographic printing technology in China is in the ascendant stage of development. We believe that with the rapid development of packaging and printing industry in China, flexo printing technology will become the fastest growing printing mode in packaging and printing industry like North America, Western Europe and Australia.