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Flexo Printing Machine can be controlled by vector variable frequency motor
Date:2019-01-15 Views:47
Flexo Printing Machine can use vector frequency conversion motor to achieve synchronous control through PLC controller to ensure constant tension at different speeds and temperatures, so as to maintain the stability of overprint in high-speed printing, so that the multi-color overprint of carton preprint can be perfectly realized. Paper shrinkage in transverse direction is less.

Flexograph is suitable for printing products of wide-band satellite flexograph, such as playing cards, banknotes, napkins, toothpaste and hoses for cosmetics. Because of the flexibility of the printing plate, the requirements for surface finish of printing materials are not as strict as gravure printing, and gravure printing materials such as woven bags and kraft paper can be printed.

Flexographic printing precision is now more mature

Flexo Printing Machine carton has high strength and good smoothness. After roll-to-roll printing, the printed colour rolls can be directly placed in the hanging paper station and bonded with corrugates to form cardboard, which can be directly made into single-sheet cartons by computer cross-cutting machine. The advantages of automatic and high-speed printing machine and corrugater machine are fully utilized. Corrugations are not pressed and deformed, and the strength of cartons can be increased by 30%. Thus, the paper grams can be reduced and the cost of corrugated cartons can be reduced.

Flexographic printing of Flexo Printing Machine is now more mature for 136 lines/inch or 150 lines/inch, while offset printing and gravure printing for 175 lines/inch printing have mastered, the original restoration is excellent. In addition, flexo printing also has insurmountable defects in some color gradient or off-screen areas.

Flexograph has the advantages of simple and compact structure, small floor area, low cost and easy printing on both sides. Its disadvantages are complex transmission, more gear clearance points, difficult combination of color groups, poor overprint accuracy and on-line difficulty. Flexograph can only be used for general prints and prints requiring positive and negative printing.

Flexographic printing has a long history in our country, but in the process of use, there will still be a lack of use, so when choosing the type of flexographic printing machine, we should judge according to the actual situation. According to the type of printed matter and the quality of the printing press, the type of flexo press should be chosen. If a certain print can choose many kinds of flexo press, it should analyze the performance and cost performance of different models, and choose the type that can give full play to the advantages and functions of flexo press. Even the same kind of flexo press, when printing different printed matter, it will still have some details. Different, these factors should be taken into account when choosing the type of flexograph.

Fully automatic reel-to-reel printer has a wide range of applications.
Fully automatic volume-to-volume printer has a wide range of applications, and can be used in many industries. It can be used in advertising, packaging, circuit printing, handicraft printing and other industries. It plays a very important role in different industries. In fact, there are many different types of such machine equipment. According to different application characteristics, it can include automatic plate printing machine and automatic roll-to-roll printing machine. According to different functions, it can be divided into automatic screen printing machine and other types. Each type has its own advantages.
Fully automatic reel-to-reel printing machine adopts touch screen control, which is convenient and quick to operate and easy to operate, thus realizing the whole process of digital control. The machine is equipped with two dedusting rollers, which can remove dust on the surface and bottom of the material. The machine is controlled by PCL computer program. The photoelectric eye of SICK in Germany can be tracked and aligned automatically. The precision of photoelectric eye is 0.0001 mm. It can connect all kinds of peripheral equipment, rewinder, cutter, UV dryer, die cutter and other touch screen to control the rise and fall of the printing head, facilitate the maintenance of screen plate and scraper, and facilitate the loading and unloading and cleaning of screen plate.