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How to Maintain Flexograph Equipment
Date:2019-01-17 Views:528
Maintenance of Flexo Printing Machine Equipment
Two hours before the end of each weekend is the legal weekly guarantee time. The machine staff must carry out a comprehensive inspection of the equipment, repair (or replacement), lubrication, debugging and wiping. Only when the workshop is qualified, can they start production next time. At the end of each month, they concentrate their efforts on a thorough maintenance of the equipment.

A. Tension part: Tension control system is an important device to ensure printing alignment. Long-term and high-speed operation of equipment often results in lower alignment accuracy, poor alignment sensitivity and great fluctuation. During maintenance, tension control sensors and other devices must be inspected, and the magnetic powder in the magnetic powder brake must be replaced.

B. Driving part: Under the condition of printing pressure, long-term high-speed operation of gearboxes will cause clearance between bearings and internal bearings of gearboxes, resulting in reduced concentricity and affecting alignment accuracy. Serious jump, affecting product quality. During maintenance, the bearings in the gearbox should be replaced and the clearance of the gears should be adjusted according to the situation.

C. Rewinding and rewinding parts: Rewinding and rewinding devices under the pressure of paper roll should run at a constant speed for a long time. Over time, the clearance of transmission gears will increase, which will affect the stability of paper tension in the printing process. In repair, gear, bearing and gear support shaft should be replaced according to the situation.

Maintenance of other parts of Flexo Printing Machine
Electrical part: Electrical part is the core of the machine. Dust in the cabinet must be eliminated regularly to ensure normal operation.

Oil and gas pipelines: The condition of oil and gas pipelines is an important factor affecting the normal operation of equipment. Therefore, oil and gas pipelines must be checked regularly and oil leakage must be eliminated in time. The pressure gauge should be checked regularly, the oil level should be checked, and the oil for gearbox should be replaced regularly.

By systematically and comprehensively overhauling the equipment, the accuracy of the equipment can be restored, the equipment can keep in good working condition, ensure orderly production, not only improve product quality, but also reduce product consumption.

What are the structural characteristics of the unit Flexo Printing Machine?
Unit Flexo Printing Machine is one of the most popular types in the world today. The structure features that each printing unit is independent of each other and arranged in a straight line in order along the horizontal direction. The main motor is located at the back of the die-cutting unit with the greatest load, and then transfers power through a common drive axis unit at the back of the machine. Therefore, this type of machine can determine the number of printing units according to the specific requirements of users, up to 12 units, which can achieve 12-color printing.

Unit Flexo Printing Machine has the advantages of good accessibility.
This characteristic of unit flexo printer makes it have many advantages, such as good approachability, short preparation time before printing, and so on. In the United States and Canada, this narrow-band flexographic press has occupied a large part of the market in such industries as non-adhesive, small folding cartons, paper for business forms, bills, labels and soft drink packaging. In recent years, the packaging printing market has shown a new trend, manufacturers continue to introduce new packaging design, the printing quantity of each product is relatively reduced, so that flexible flexographic machine has a better opportunity. Flexographic printing press is commonly called "conversion machine" in packaging and printing industry abroad, because it is not only easy to convert, but also flexible and changeable.